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01st May 2013

Talk About An Unwelcome Hitchhiker! You’ll Never Guess What This Woman Found In Her Car…

Our skin is crawling!

How would you react if you were driving along and you suddenly realised you were sharing your car with a snake? If you’re anything like us, chances are you’d have a major panic attack.

Digital Spy reports that a woman in California had a seriously lucky escape after she found a snake slithering under her seat while she was driving her car. Shudder.

Angie Guerrero was driving through California when she felt something brushing up against her legs. We can only imagine her shock when she looked down and discovered a Kingsnake coiled at her feet.

The driver, who admitted to nearly hitting the car next to her out of sheer fright, said that she managed to remain calm as she pulled over. Angie was able to get herself and her two dogs from the car before the snake did any damage.

She didn’t know what else to do, so she rang the guards (we’re sure they were absolutely thrilled when they got this call).

Angie didn’t know her car was occupied until the snake slithered against her legs

“How do you know how to look for snakes?” said Angie, speaking to CBS Los Angeles.

“Who would ever think?!”

Some brave policemen spent almost an hour trying to find the snake in Angie’s car. Eventually the found the unwanted hitchhiker curled up beneath the car’s dashboard.

Eh… we know that we don’t actually get snakes in Ireland but honestly? After reading this we’ll be checking our cars for wayward snakes/spides/other critters from now on…