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25th Mar 2016

Survey Reveals The Worst Sex Lie People Tell (And It’s Pretty Appalling)

This is definitely NOT a white lie.

Megan Cassidy

Look, we’re not going to judge anybody for being a little economical with the truth when it comes to revealing their “number”.

When it comes to white lies in the sack, we’re all for whatever you feel comfortable with.

However, there are some fibs that are preeeeetty unforgivable, particularly when it comes to sex.

A survey conducted by Direct TV saw 2,000 people polled about white lies and which lies they considered the most severe.

In a clear trend, sex lies came out on top when it came to what people deemed the worst fibs.

The top four as per the survey were:

  1. “I’m on birth control
  2. “I’m not just looking for sex”
  3. “I’ve slept with X number of people”
  4. “You’re the first person I’ve ever done this with”

We completely agree that number one and two are completely lame, but number three we would allow some leeway with.

What do you think?