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04th Sep 2012

Survey Reveals Ireland’s (And The World’s) Priciest Places To Stay

If it's a budget you're on, and a hotel you're looking for, you should read this first...

Thinking of a weekend away? Maybe it’s a mad festival trip with the girls or a romantic getaway break with the boyfriend? If you’re wallet-watching you might want to know these hotel price facts before you go…

If it’s a budget you’re on, you may want to skip the south-east as Kilkenny is Ireland’s most expensive hotel destination at an average of €96 a night. This is despite prices falling 8 per cent at the beginning of the year.

Head west instead and enjoy a stay in the city of Limerick, as hotel rates there are the lowest in the country at an average of €64 a night for a top notch hotel.

Galway is the second most expensive destination with hotel room prices averaging at €94 a night. The city could afford to charge high this year however as it played host to many of the country’s popular summer events such as the Galway Arts Festival, the Galway Races and the Volvo Ocean Race.

Although Dublin’s hotel prices rose significantly this year, they now average at €77 a night, the capital is surprisingly still the joint second cheapest major city in western Europe. Our own Emerald Isle is only beaten in the budget ranks by Portugal and Malta. brought their survey international too for holiday abroad bookers and honeymoon makers.

The world’s most popular honeymoon destination at the moment is the Seychelles. It is also the world’s most expensive destination at €249 a night.

The second most popular spot is Mauritius, with an average night in a hotel costing €178.

The more adventurous type and looking for a cheaper honeymoon abroad should check out  Cambodia, it is the world’s least expensive popular honeymoon destination at an average of €50 a night.

If it’s a luxurious break abroad you’re looking for and you’ve the cash to splash, the world’s most expensive destination overall is Capri on Italy’s Amalfi Coast. Ooooh, swanky!

Prices are up a further 15 per cent this year as an average night in a hotel is set to cost you €239 a night. You would really want to enjoy your sleep for that money…