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24th Feb 2016

Student Suffers Severe Toxic Shock After Accidentally Leaving Tampon In For Nine Days

Laura Holland

A student in the UK has suffered a severe case toxic shock syndrome after accidentally leaving a tampon in for too long. 

According to The Mirror, Emily Pankhurst is recovering from toxic shock syndrome after leaving her tampon in for nine days.

The 20-year old student was admitted to intensive care for three days and temporarily lost mobility from toxic shock syndrome after forgetting to take out a tampon. She was in the middle of exams at the time and initially thought the symptoms were related to stress from the exams.

While being preoccupied with exams she accidentally put one tampon in while she was wearing another. She remembered to take one out but forgot there other one was in there.

The first symptoms she had were a bloated stomach, dizziness and bloody discharge. When she eventually realised the cause of the problem she removed the second tampon and thought that she would begin to feel better, but her condition quickly deteriorated and she was admitted to hospital.

While in the hospital for the three days she received 12 different types of antibiotics and had to be fed through a tube and use a zimmer frame to walk around.

Speaking about the incident Emily said, “When I finally realised the tampon was in me and I pulled it out it was pure black. It was obviously coated in bacteria. I wouldn’t have known what it was apart from the string.

“It was horrible. I immediately chucked it in the loo, I felt sick. But just half-an-hour later my speech slurred and my skin became mottled. I started to feel faint and I was rushed to hospital by ambulance.

“I know now that was the poison entering my blood stream.”