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19th Apr 2013

Stop The Search! Fair City Fans, We Found Jimmy

There he is, off in New York...

There was a time when Jimmy Doyle and Lorraine Molloy were the golden couple of Irish television. The good old days, we like to call them.

The, of course, it all went to pot. Lorraine died, Jimmy married Robin the mechanic, had an affair, left Carrigstown and was never seen again. There’s been a loveable boy next door missing from the Irish soap ever since.

Many expected Jimmy to reappear in recent months as his soap mammy passed away. Though Suzanne, Darren and a new-look Louise made their way back to the fictional Dublin suburb for Rita’s funeral, there was no sign of Jimmy. Sigh. 

If you wondered whatever became of him after his turn on Celebrity You’re A Star though, (no, really), wonder no more. He’s over in New York , working as a bartender. Trading under a different name and all… but we know it’s you Jimmy. We know it’s you. And Bella will never forgive you.