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16th Nov 2012

Stop In The Name of Love! Couple’s Sexy Outoor Antics Delay Train

One couple got more than they bargained for when their outdoor sexy times caused a train to be delayed...

Ladies, let this story provide a valuable life lesson to you: if you’re ever planning on having sex outside, please, please, please make sure you pick an appropriate location. If you don’t, you could end up like this poor couple…

The Huffington Post reports that a young couple in Sweden were left absolutely mortified when their al fresco sexy times actually caused a train to be delayed. Yes, really.

The couple got a bit frisky in their car, which was parked right next to a train track in Morrum, Sweden. Let’s just say that their “private time” got derailed when a passing train driver slowed down because he feared that someone in the car was attempting suicide.

“Often when cars are sitting near the tracks, it can be copper thieves at work or unfortunately a person who has tired of life,” said Mattias Hellberg, a train dispatcher.

The train driver became worried when he saw the car parked so close to the tracks

The train driver was fairly shocked when he realised that the couple in the car weren’t tired of their life, actually they were living it up and having a right old time together.

“[However], it was two people who were very happy and having a little moment of passion,” said Mr Hellberg.

We don’t know who we’re more embarrassed for – the train driver or the couple. Morto or what?! We imagine the young couple will be keeping their sexual antics in the safety of their own home for the foreseeable future…