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27th Nov 2013

Stick To The Sleigh – Santa Gets Stuck Outside Arnotts

Ho no... How's it hanging Santa?

Christmas was up in the air for a brief period this morning after Santa Claus found himself in a spot of bother outside Arnotts.

A crowd gathered on Henry Street this morning to watch 25 gentlemen dressed in Santa costumes abseil down the Arnotts building. The event marked the official launch the department store’s Christmas gift app.


This image was uploaded to the Style Nation Facebook page, shows the festive activities well under way.

However one unfortunate fellow in a red suit ran into trouble when his abseil got stuck and he was left dangling in mid air.

Images of the event circulated online, and thanks to 98FM, the Santa rescue mission was captured.


This courageous display definitely puts this man on Santa’s good list.