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24th Jan 2013

Stick A Pin In It: Bored? Feeling Blah? Maybe It’s Time You Tried Something New

Make 2013 the year that you cross something off your bucket list. Every week we'll be showing you activities that can add excitement and fun to your life.

Bucket lists: they’re something we all have. You know that long list of things that you’d absolutely love to try but never get around to because you don’t have the money or the energy?

Why not make 2013 the year that you finally get to cross something off that list? Trying something new can add a breath of fresh air to your life. It can help you to figure out the things you like, the things you don’t like and it can shake things up and add some excitement to your life.

This week we’re looking at learning a new language.


Is 2013 the year that you finally learn Spanish or another language?


Whether it’s brushing up on your Irish, being able to hold a conversation in Spanish or broadening your employment prospects, there are a dozen reasons why you should learn a new language.  It seems like a daunting prospect, but honestly? Once you get comfortable with a second language, you’ll be surprised at how easy it comes to you.

Learning a new language can broaden your horizons, build your self-confidence and can actually improve your memory – these are some solid reasons why you should take the plunge and enrol in a class this year. Plus, just think about how awesome it’ll feel when you’re able to converse with the locals when you travel abroad?


There are lots of different language schools dotted around Ireland and it’s very easy to find schools that cater to specific languages. If you’re unsure what language you’d like to learn, then have a look at the website for the Sandford Language Institute in Dublin. Established in 1989, the institute has a host of language courses and even offers private tuition.


The institute runs classes in the morning and in the evening, so you’re bound to be able to find at least one class that will fit comfortably into your schedule.

How much?

If you move quickly, you can bag yourself a special offer however a 14 week language course will set you back €249.

How do I cross this off my list?

Get started by visiting the Sandford Language Institute website by clicking here.


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