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28th Apr 2017

The spurtle is the handy tool you never knew you needed

If you’re a magpie for kitchen gadgets and gizmos, prepare to add something else to your wishlist.

This one will be particularly intriguing to health food fans; introducing… the spurtle.

A spurtle is a traditional Scottish tool used for stirring oats while they cook in order to prevent porridge lumps.

Crafted in wood, they are also deemed a secret weapon by cooks who are serious about soups, stews and broths because the rod-like shape creates no dragging effect and the contents of the pot won’t stick to the utensil.

Invented in the 15th Century, this is a tool that’s a big deal in the porridge-making community. In fact, every year, the winner of the World Porridge Making Championship takes home the coveted Golden Spurtle…

There are rules however, so if you’re considering launching into spurtle ownership willy nilly, take heed: legend has it that a spurtle (you can get one here) should only be used to stir in a clockwise direction.

We’re keeping it in mind as the perfect quirky gift for the porridge lover who has absolutely everything.



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