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05th Jun 2015

Someone Has Discovered The Truth About Claw Machines… And It Will Break Your Heart


One of the most exciting things when you’re a child is heading to the amusements and chancing your arm on all the machines.

The claw machine was always one of the most frustrating and a new study has revealed exactly why.

According to Hello U, history writer Phil Edwards decided to try and master the mystery of this arcade favourite by looking at the instruction manuals  and came up with a shocking conclusion.

The machine grabs things only when it’s profitable.

Retro Arcade Crane Claw Vending Machine

Edwards said that the machine does some quick maths, calculating whether or not it’s financially responsible to go ‘full-claw’ and grab your stuffed toy and only let you win if it’s already made a profit.

On average, the machine will pay out one in every 21 attempts and is even programmed to make you look as if you are close to winning to entice you to keep trying.

Those days out will never be the same again…