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25th Jun 2014

So This Wedding Venue Was a Little Different…


Anyone who has planned a wedding, or been the long-suffering bridesmaid, will know that there are a few details that you NEED to get right.

Right up there with the dress, and reception, is where to choose as the perfect wedding venue. It can set the scene for one of the biggest days in your life, will likely be included in the photo album, and hosts many a family member who wait for as long as possible before heading back to the car to go grab a cuppa.

So, we’re thinking this couple’s wedding invites had a lot of people taking a second look.

Lee and Michelle Miles, both 36, asked their entire wedding party to join them for their vows under the lamp post where they shared their first kiss.

lampost 1

Guests congregated at street light 2405 in Castle Green, Hereford, where the couple had first committed to each other ten years ago.

Lee, explaining the unusual venue, said:

“When we told our guests we were getting married under a lamppost they questioned why.But on the day, everyone understood as they saw how special the lamppost is to us.

“It is where all the sparks happened and it is where we sealed the deal.”

The couple who met in high school lost contact before being reunited 13 years later and falling in love.


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