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10th Dec 2015

So This Is The Christmas Gift Most Likely To Disappoint Irish People


Cathy Donohue

The Christmas countdown is well and truly on and we’ve started to panic slightly about shopping for our nearest and dearest.

It can be a tough task finding gifts you know your family and friends will love without completely breaking the bank and there’s one option we might have to rethink.

A recent survey conducted by eBay Ireland says that there’s one gift Irish people hate getting and that’s cosmetics.

Now we’re obsessed with makeup and the like so this is news to us.

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GIF via Fairy HD Tumblr

The survey also found that Irish people are pretty generous when it comes to Christmas as the average person will buy 14 gifts, pretty impressive considering the European average figure is 11.

Cavan is the county that buys the most presents with an average of 16 per person no less.

Leitrim and Waterford are at the bottom of list, with an estimated eight gifts.

This year, trips away are at the top of our wish lists and in addition to cosmetics, we really don’t want to open power tools on Christmas morning.