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08th Feb 2013

So Reem! Reality TV Show Heads Abroad As It Gets Set To Hit The Big Screen

You'll never guess the location...

There have been some whispers and we’ve caught up with them…

It was looking like there could have been a possible The Only Way Is Essex movie for some time, now it seems it’s got the go-ahead.

But the cast won’t be parading along the streets of Essex, they’ll be a little bit out of their comfort zone… in Dubai.

The cast of TOWIE could be packing up their buckets and spades and heading off for a summer holiday with the next few months.

“[Show bosses] said that while they are currently concentrating on the new series later this month, the film is something they want to do and it could even kick off as early as this summer,” a source told The Sun.

“Dubai would be the perfect place as it is the current hip destination for young Essex boys and girls and it would be a great sunny location to film in.”

You might be cursing the fact that you won’t get to ogle at Mark Wright in the sun, but it’s also thought that former cast members could be invited back to join the TOWIE movie.

Will the lovely Mark be there?

Sun, sand, sea, sex, s-… you get it.

We’re just confused about one thing, what would the plot be? Would there be a plot?

We’re just saying… films generally have plots.