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31st Jan 2013

So Long, Mrs Brown: BBC Confirms No New Episodes Until 2014 (At The Earliest!)

It seems as though Mrs Brown will be taking a break from our TV screens for a little while...

If you’re a fan of foul-mouthed granny Mrs Brown, we have some bad news for you this morning. You could be waiting awhile for some new episodes. And we’re not talking weeks or months, we’re talking years…

The Irish Daily Star reports that fans of Brendan O’Carroll’s hit comedy Mrs Brown’s Boys will have to wait nearly two years for some fresh material and some new episodes.

Speaking yesterday, the BBC confirmed that the hilarious show about the granny’s escapades was unlikely to return to the station until the end of 2014 at the very earliest. Why the delay? Well Brendan is simply too busy with other work.

Brendan is currently working on a live tour of the show and he’s also in the middle of making a film version.  

The cast of Mrs Brown’s Boys

It’s no secret that Mrs Brown’s Boys has been capturing audiences ever since it first aired. At present itaverages 7.7million viewers. Not bad, huh?

When it comes to the film, the cast and crew are expected to start shooting this September on Dublin’s Moore Street.

“It’s Dublin humour so you’re going to need Dublin actors and technicians to get it right for the big screen,” said Brendan.

But a tour and a film aren’t the only things that the comedian has lined up for Mrs Brown. According to reports, Mrs Brown will be fronting a new BBC show called Mrs Brown’s Celebrities, which will see the naughty nanny quizzing guests. This show is set to air later this year.

“It will be fun to see how Mrs Brown copes with a quiz as she knows as much about trivia as my backside knows about snipe shooting,” said Brendan.

The last episode of the third series is set to air on Irish television screens next week. Will you be watching?