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01st Feb 2013

So, How Does An 83-Year-Old Lady Get Banned From Her Local Tesco?

One Twitter user coined it "tramming"...

So how does a pensioner get banned from her local Tesco store?

One Twitter user coined the term “tramming”, as the 83-year-old was banned from the shop after deliberately ramming staff with her trolley.

Christine Crow was accused of bullying staff and deliberately bashing them with her trolley when she became frustrated with slow service.

She was also told she was no longer welcome for being rude and abusive to employees at the supermarket on the Shirley and Hall Green border in Birmingham.

The grandmother was barred after being ushered from the premises by two managers and a security guard.

Crow has denied the accusations and is now demanding an apology. She has complained about being snubbed by staff and humiliated.

But Tesco is standing by its decision with one worker, who asked not to be named, claiming a colleague refused to go work on the shopfloor while the pensioner was there.

Christine says the trollies have a “mind of their own”.

“It’s a trumped-up charge,” Christine told the Daily Mail.

“Bullying? You must be joking. Admittedly, the trolleys can have a mind of their own. You bump into someone else’s and apologise, but ‘ramming’ suggests a deliberate act.”

Christine admits to being “sharp” about the shop’s slow service. “I may have said, “is there no one serving?”.”

Christine also told the Birmingham Mail that she humiliated. She had used the store for 15 years but is now buying her groceries in the local Waitrose.

The pensioner said: “I will never go to the Tesco store again, but I want an apology.”