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01st Feb 2013

So Fetch, So French: Les Misérables Meets Mean Girls

Possibly the funniest collection of memes you'll see in a long while...


It’s, like, the most fantastic Tumblr, like, everrrr…

If Oscar-nominated film Les Mis and should-have-been-Oscar-nominated film Mean Girls had a little website baby… this is what it would look like.

Possibly the funniest Tumblr, we have ever come across, the simplistic-looking, yet oh-so-funny Les Mean Girls account is doing the rounds on the internet.

Les Mean Girls, c’est trés amusant…

Think scenes from the dramatic Les Mis… accompanied with quotes from the ever-funny teen movie hit.

We have a little taster of some of the memes here, but if you’re in the mood for more giggles, check the Tumblr Les Mean Girls out here.

And if you fancy another laugh Anne Hathaway’s way, check out the I Dreamed A Dream parody video.


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