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10th Jul 2016

This is how to always bag the best value flights

Yes. Please.

Cathy Donohue

There seems to be a flight sale every other day at the moment but there’s also a few tips which can help you book cheap holidays whenever the fancy takes you.

Travel website Momondo have looked at 12.6 billion airfares in a bid to find out just how to get a bargain break.

Their findings include that Tuesday is the best day to book on cheap flights while in contrast, bookings made on a Saturday work out the most expensive.

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It’s not much of a surprise to hear that booking early works out cheaper but Momondo have worked out that booking exactly 53 days in advance is key when it comes to getting a bargain.

When looking at what time to fly at, the website says evening flights are the way to go. Interestingly, midday flights work out six per cent more expensive.

On behalf of Momondo’s research, Lasse Skole Hansen said: “In general, it pays to book flights two months in advance. We found these trends consistent across the board”.