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02nd Nov 2015

Snow Predicted for December… and May?!

We can't leave our Christmas trees up until then

Rebecca McKnight

It seems snow is on the way and it could come as late as May and we don’t know what to say. (Nothing beats a bit of rhyming).

Anyway, it seems that there is snow on the way but it could be May before we see it… well, that is according to Ken Ring.

In case you didn’t know, Ken is a weather consultant and presenter for Channel Seven and Channel Nine in Australia. He is also the author of the Weather Almanacs for Ireland.


He told the Sunday Independent that while the country will have a mild winter, snow could arrive around Christmas Day and our last ‘snow day’ could be as late as May 2016.

“The coming winter should be fairly mild, with a storm in the first week of January and snow mostly in January and March. Winter is close to being typical for Ireland, conditions will not be too severe, but with the usual occasional rain and snow,” he explained.


“There may be fluctuating temperatures with rain in the first and third weeks (of December) and a temperature drop around 12-16 (degrees).

“Frost is likely just before Christmas Day, then on December 26 come cold south easterly winds followed by wintry rain as temperatures barely climb above freezing. Expect snow on or near 12th and 28th of December.”

It comes after another forecaster predicted “wintry blasts” in December. There’s also this “evidence.”