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19th Mar 2013

Smile, It’s Not So Bad: 10 Ways To Beat The Post-Bank Holiday Blues

In need of some cheering up? These tips will hopefully help you to get rid of the Bank Holiday blues and if it's any consolation, the next long weekend is only 10 days away (yay!)

Okay, let’s be completely honest: it’s a miserable day outside. The sky is grey, it’s freezing cold and, if you’re anything like us, you’re already pining for the next Bank Holiday weekend to get here.

There’s nothing like an extra day off work when a Bank Holiday rolls around but the downside is that it makes it even harder to spring out of bed and head back into work the following day.

If the St. Paddy’s Day long weekend already feels like it happened years ago and if work/the weather/life general in general is making you feel a bit low, here are 10 ways to give your mood a boost.

Do you want some consolation? The next long weekend is only 10 days away!


10 Ways To Beat The Post-Bank Holiday Blues

1. Get your giggle on: When you’re feeling a little sad or upset, the best way to make yourself feel a little brighter is to laugh. Either watch a funny YouTube clip right now or force yourself to laugh. By forcing yourself to laugh, you’ll set off a chemical reaction in your brain that will ensure your fake laughter turns into real laughter in the space of a few minutes.

2. Think about the past: But only the good bits. Take out your old photo albums and look back at all the good times you had with friends and family. Alternatively, get on Facebook and scroll through your old wall posts – according to some new research, ‘Facebook soothing’ can help you to get rid of a bad mood super-quickly.

Looking at old photographs can give you a major positivity boost

3. Do something for yourself: When you get home from work, spend at least ten minutes doing something nice for yourself. Cook yourself an awesome dinner, paint your nails, watch your favourite show, do a bit of yoga – do anything, as long as it makes you feel good and happy on the inside.

4. Get some fresh air: We’re not suggesting that you go for an epic run or anything (although it would actually help if you wanted to do that – see tip #8) but fresh air has long been known to lift our spirits when we’re feeling low. Simply stand at your back door and take a few deep breaths or open a window – just get that fresh air circulating through your body.

5. Reconnect: Text that friend you haven’t heard from in ages, ring your Mammy for a chat, skype your BFF who is currently away travelling – get in touch with someone. Communicating with others is a sure-fire way to improve our own moods and make us feel better.

6. Indulge yourself: Buy yourself a delicious bar of chocolate, run yourself a fancy bath, pamper yourself with some new body butter – the possibilities are endless! Give yourself a little treat and watch as your mood instantly lightens.

7. Practice gratitude: The simple act of counting your blessings can work wonders in your life. It can boost your feelings of positivity, help you feel more abundant in all areas of life and even boost your immune system. Spend ten minutes writing down everything in your life that you’re grateful for: your friends, your family, your boyfriend, your job etc. Really feel the gratitude. It will be impossible to stay unhappy when you realise how blessed you are.

Treat yourself in some small way

8. Get some exercise: Exercise causes your body to experience a rush of endorphins – little hormones that are known to affect our mood and instantly make us feel better. Put on your runners and go for a power walk or hit up the gym for half an hour. You’ll feel happier in no time, promise.

9. Hug it out: Is there anything better than a hug when you’re feeling a little low? We don’t think so! Grab your other half for a cuddle session, hug your mam, your sister or your dad. Give your bestie a bear hug or, if you have a furry friend, spend fifteen minutes petting them. You’ll feel better and your cat/dog will absolutely adore you for it.

10. Breathe easy: Believe it or not, the most horrible of feelings can be relieved by simply taking a few deep breaths. Sit down somewhere quiet and take a deep breath in through your nose and exhale through your mouth. Do this a few times until you start to feel calmer and happier.