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25th Mar 2013

Smart Shopping: Save While you Splurge

Planning a spree? Spend it all on you and don't get caught with these unfortunate charges…


Yes, we know that technically saving while you shop is an oxymoron… but lets not get bogged down on technicalities.

If you’re planning some shopping this weekend then the smarter you are with how you, spend means more of your budget goes to goodies for you, and less to incidentals that all too easily add up… 

Special Delivery… No Added Charge

We’ve longed learned the trick of shopping on UK websites for a fashion bargain. Even with the exchange rate it can be a super way to get your hands on a total steal… until you get landed with a seriously excessive delivery charge, that is. Those added euro can really take the gloss off of a new purchase – but don’t worry, there’s a way you can skip that sting.  

Parcel Motel by Nightline is a great service that allows you to send your online shopping to a registered Belfast address, meaning that if your shopping boasts Free UK Delivery – you get to take advantage of that too. Don’t worry though, you won’t have to drive up north to collect your shopping, the cost of petrol might set you back just a little more than the charges! Instead, Parcel Motel will send your package on to one of 80 locations across the country, which you can choose based on wherever is handiest for you to pick up your parcel! 

It’s pretty simple to use too, so you can focus all your attention on making your money work harder for you. Bye bye charges… hello bargains!


Go to and click on the ‘Register’ button on the left hand side. You’ll be asked to pick your nearest Parcel Motel location and you’ll be given your unique Parcel Motel Identification Number (PMID).

Start Shopping:

When entering your name, enter your PMID number also and in the address field, enter the address of the sorting office in Finglas or Belfast. For free shipping from the UK, enter Belfast and for free delivery within Ireland, select Finglas. The sorting office will then send the parcel to the closest Parcel Motel location to you.

Receive a Text:

Once your parcel has been delivered to the address specified, you’ll receive a text containing a unique secure PIN number.

Collect your Parcel:

And now for the exciting part! Simply go to your location address, key in your phone number, followed by the PIN number and the door will swing open to reveal your purchases inside.

To find your nearest Parcel Motel location, just click here.