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08th Jan 2013

Sleet, Rain & Freezing Temperatures: Winter is Back With a Vengeance

Yes, just when you thought the weather was getting a bit milder winter is on it's way back. According to Met Eireann this weekend is set to be a cold one...

It might be relatively mild outside at the minute but don’t let that fool you. Winter is still hiding out and according to reports today, it’s getting ready to come back with a vengeance. Eh… where did we leave our gloves?

The Irish Independent reports that temperatures could drop a whopping 17 degrees in the space of one day as winter rolls back into town. Apparently a cold spell that could last up to three weeks is on the way, bringing with it a serious drop in temperatures and all those other conditions associated with winter that we absolutely hate: frost, ice and sleet.

According to Met Eireann, there’s a very cold night in store tomorrow as temperatures drop to a shivering -4C. The weekend is set to be “dramatically colder” which doesn’t exactly sound like it bodes well for a night out.

It might be time to start rooting out your hat, scarf and gloves…

“Colder temperatures are ahead due to easterly winds with colder pools of air within it. It will be a change from recent milder weather and similar to the cold period at the start of December,” said John Eagleton from Met Eireann.

“We expect Thursday night to fall to minus two or minus three degrees celcisus, with weekend sleet in the east coast,” he added.

Temperatures are set to decrease from today onwards and we can expect rain and sleet by the weekend. Fun times (not!).

It looks as though it’s going to be a weekend for the fire, huh?