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20th Mar 2013

“Sh*t Tyrone!” Student Makes Hilarious Reference To A Meme In His Homework

We have a feeling that this wasn't what his English teacher was expecting...

Signs that your child has been spending way too much time online? When they reference an internet meme in their English homework.

Check out this hilarious picture from Imgur that was posted by a teacher with the caption: “I was grading my student’s English workbook and this is what I got…”

The exercise asks students to reconstruct sentences and everything seems normal enough eh, until we get to sentence number six.

The original sentence reads: “Tyrone lost a dollar bill.” Rather than rewriting it, the student decided to go for something a little more hilarious and responded with: “Sh*t Tyrone. Get it together,” which references the popular online meme.

Not sure what we’re talking about? This is the picture that started it all:

The picture of the student’s workbook has already been viewed 871,087 times and has gone viral online.

“Pass him. Right now. He has earned it,” said one Imgurian in the comments section.

“When the internet creeps into schools… it’s time to stop. When teachers recognise the internet creeping into schools, it’s time to panic,” said another.

We wonder what’s next? Sending your teacher pictures of grumpy cat when she gives you a load of homework?