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07th Feb 2013

Shooting Starts on Big Screen Adaptation of TV Show

Firstly we're excited to hear that it's being turned into a film and secondly we're excited to hear that production has already begun!

Filming for the big screen version of popular television show Alan Partridge has begun!

The flick, which is being directed by Declan Lowney who also worked on Father Ted, is set in the fictional character’s home region of North Norfolk.


Alan Partridge is well on his way to the big screen.

As for the plot, it apparently concerns the radio host’s comeback and battle against a large media giant.

Steve Coogan, who plays the role of Alan, has also contributed to the script along with the other writers of the television series.


Alan Partridge with his trusty sidekick and personal assistant Lynn.

The release date for the movie is said to be later this year. Fingers crossed it works out better than Alan’s first attempt at bouncing back!