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03rd May 2013

Sexy & Caring: Firemen Rescue Injured Fox Cub & Nurse It Back To Health

Firefighters are great, aren't they?

If you have a bit of a thing for firemen, this story probably won’t help you. A team of firefighters from Maryland have shown the world that they take saving lives very seriously. It doesn’t matter if that life belongs to a human or an animal.

The Baltimore Sun reports that a team of volunteer firemen have saved the life of a baby fox and are now in the process of nursing it back to health. Yes ladies, you heard us: firemen looking after a injured baby animal – sure what more could you want?

According to an email, the firemen were dispatched to a house at 10pm one night when a crying sound was heard coming from the bottom of a storm drain.

The firemen investigated and discovered the terrified animal. While most probably would have left the fox there until the morning, the firemen donned their protective suits and climbed down a ladder to rescue the animal.

The firefighters didn’t want to leave the fox alone during the night

Once the fox was out of the drain, the firemen noticed that it was walking with a limp because of an injury. They brought the fox back to the fire station and took to the internet, researching how to care for it and posting various questions on Facebook and Twitter.

How adorable is this picture?

“After an extensive online campaign, we made contact with an employee of the Chadwell Animal Hospital who provided us with critical information on caring for the animal,” said a statement from the firemen.

“We want to extend our thanks to those who offered to help or support us with our temporary visitor,” the statement added.

The fox (nicknamed ‘Pierce’ after their fire apparatus manufacturer) has now been transferred to a local animal hospital and will be taken to a special Wildlife Centre in the future.

The firemen are said to be sad to see their little visitor leave the station.