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06th Oct 2012

Sex Prep In Secret With Kegels: The Who, What, Where, When And How…

Increase arousal, blood flow and make for more intense orgasms for you and your partner with these little tricks.


Sex, health and wellbeing benefits… what’s not to like about Kegels?

At this point, most of us are aware we should be doing Kegel exercises to strengthen the muscles that hold our pelvic organs. Strengthening this pelvic floor can make childbirth easier, help prevent bladder leaks, help keep us strong and healthy down below and even gives our sex life a boost. We’re reading on…

The basics are simple. Squeeze the pelvic muscles for a slow count of three, as if you’re stopping a pee midstream. Relax for another count of three. Try to do eight repetitions, working your way up to 10 or 15 in a row.

This sounds great, but how often will we set time aside during the day to do Kegel exercises? And it’s not something you’d announce you’re off to exercise either…

Here are five ways to tone up down there without anyone ever knowing you’re squeezing (pun not intended) in an all-important body workout.

Who’s to know…?

1. When You’re Stationary

Sitting for long periods of time, whether it’s at our desk, on our couch on in our car, has been shown to pose a serious risk to our health. We can always hit out exercise regime after work but why not use the time you’re planted on your chair too?

2. When You’re On The Move

Be it the bus, car or train, put on some music and Kegel to the beat. It will make that time productive in a whole different way…

3. When You’re On A Daily Routine

Whether it’s the coffee shop you hit on a daily basis, the spot where you park to wait for your kids after school, the kitchen in the morning making breakfast… choose a place that you are on a daily basis and promise yourself to do repetitions when you’re there,  no excuses.

4. When You’re Having Sex

Kegels are said to have the benefit of heightening your awareness of your body. They increase blood flow and arousal and make for more intense orgasms during sex. Sex is a great opportunity to clench your muscles and will heighten your partner’s satisfaction too, happiness all around then.

5. When You’re On A Plank Pose

No, we’re not talking about the crazy Internet photo-fad. Instead bring your core strength exercises up a notch by doing Kegels for 30 seconds each time you hold a plank pose. You’ll feel like you’re doubling your workout effort. But all for great results.