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11th Nov 2013

Sex, Drugs & Tax Control – How Ireland’s Thirty-Somethings Think

1000 Irish people were asked for their thoughts on religion, equality, morality, immigration and drugs in a bid to find out how the 30-somethings of the country think. 

The survey, carried out by Today FM, targeted 30-39 year olds as they are ‘the biggest single age group that the state depends on for taxes.’

Now with families of their own and ageing parents, this age bracket are also the most financially strained in today’s society.

The entire infographic below is a range of colour coded statistics and answers, giving us a good indication into the psyche of Ireland’s 30-somethings.


Check out a larger version of the infographic by clicking here.

The infographic was designed on the back of a poll conducted on behalf of Today FM by Behaviour & Attitudes. For more info head over to Today FM.


Hat-tip to our brothers over at for this one.