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20th Jul 2012

Scientists Think Tea Could Combat Terrorist Attacks

It has been reported today that scientists in the UK believe a cup of tea could be used to combat terrorist attacks. Intrigued? So were we.

It turns out a cup of tea is not just a handy pick-me-up during the day but it could also help to combat terrorist attacks.

According to reports today a group of scientists in the UK have found that the hot beverage contains a chemical that can deactivate a toxin that has been used in terrorist attacks in the US in the past.

Professor Les Baillie’s told papers, ‘Our new findings suggest that if the security services want to counter the threat of ricin, they may find the answer in their morning cup of tea.’

In recent years the chemicals in tea have also been identified as being able to kill the organism that causes anthrax.

All this talk of tea, think we’ll stick the kettle on…