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26th Dec 2021

Scenes from Emily in Paris you can visit in real life

Katy Brennan

Très Instagrammable.

Emily in Paris is back!

And regardless of what you think of the show, one thing we can all agree on is that it makes us want to pack our bags and hop on a flight to Paris immediately.

Its gorgeous backdrops and portrayal of everyday Parisian life are simply stunning and leave us feeling pretty envious of Emily’s life, tbh.

So if you feel like ticking a few places off your bucket list and following in Emily’s footsteps, here are some locations you can visit in real life.

1. La Boulangerie Moderne

In the very first episode, we see Emily stop in to this cute bakery for the best pain du chocolate of her entire life, before it becomes a regular spot for her. And yes, it’s a real place!  If the pasties here are half as good as we are led to believe, we need to try asap.

2. Place de Valois

This is the location of Emily’s office in the show and, given the area’s close proximity to tourist hotspots like the Louvre, it’s definitely be worth stopping by. The nearby bistro where she and her co-workers are often seen enjoying lunch and drinking wine is actually real too.

3. Palace du Pantheon

This famous Parisian monument dates back to the French Revolution in the 1700s, so it’s a must-see whether you’re an Emily in Paris fan or not. We witness Emily dump her Chicago boyfriend over the phone in front of this iconic building before embracing her new free and single life in the city of love.

4. Pont Alexandre III

This stunning bridge spans over the River Seine and is regarded as one of the most beautiful bridges in Paris. In the show, it’s used as the setting of a perfume ad being filmed by the company that Emily works for, Savoir.

5. Café de l’Homme

If you’re looking for on of the best views of the Eiffel Tower, look no further than this café. This is the setting of the super fancy soirée where Emily meets Antoine Lambert for the first time.

6. Roxie Club

The drag club where Mindy performs BTS’ Dynamite as Dame Pipi is actually is a real bar. It’s a  ritzy venue with red  interior decor, a speakeasy vibe and live music. You can find it on Rue de Ponthieu.

7. L’Atelier des Lumières

One of the most memorable moments in the show is when Emily attends this museum with Gabriel and Cami. It’s a real place that displays classic art in immersive and digital ways. In the show, the trio go to an immersive Van Gogh exhibition.

8. La Maison Rose

This cute little café where Emily and her best friend Mindy eat is located at Rue de l’Abreuvoir in Montmartre. It’s famous for its gorgeous pastel pink and green colour scheme. It doesn’t get much more instagrammable than this.

9. Palace of Versailles

The most stunning most location in the entire show has to be the Palace of Versailles. Designer Gregory hosts his  extravagent new fashion line in its Hall of Mirrors and it is undeniably breathtaking. It’s also just a short train ride from Paris, so well worth checking out.

10. Jardin du Luxembourg

Last but not least, the most central and beautiful park in Paris. With amazing statues, breathtaking orchids, and a rose garden, it’s not hard to see why it’s one of the most popular locations in the city. We often see Emily jogging through the grounds here. Imagine having somewhere this beautiful to stroll through every day?

Emily in Paris seasons one and two are currently available to stream on Netflix.