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05th Jan 2013

Roll Up, Roll Up – London Zoo Rounds Up Residents For Its Annual Census

From meerkats to monkeys, everyone must be accounted for!

The annual London Zoo census is in full swing and for the next five days, zoo workers must undertake the mammoth task of counting every species it houses in the 26 acres near Regent’s Park in the English capital city.

The zoo, which opened its doors in 1828, was initially intended for scientific study but was eventually opened to the public in 1847 and now sees hundreds of thousands of members of the public pass through its gates every year.

And with such a big task at hand, you would think the staff would dread rounding up all the animals but the zoo actually uses the census to its advantage and dots funny “line up here” signs around the grounds and take down their findings on “animal stocktaking” clip-boards. It’s a bit of a publicity stunt really but we love it!

Just me see that…

If you’re going to be in London over the next few days you can check out the census for yourself as it runs until Thursday 10th January.

Altogether now… AWW