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30th Apr 2013

Role of a Lifetime? Barack Obama plays Daniel Day Lewis

Just another reason to love Obama...

“Was it hard playing Obama? I’ll be honest, yes. It was.”

Just us, or does US President Barack Obama get more endearing by the day? The White House have released a video of President Obama playing ‘sure-he’s-one-of-our-own’ method actor Daniel Day Lewis. The video was part of a skit for the White House Correspondents’ Association Dinner at the weekend, and is getting a lot of love on the internet since it was uploaded on Monday.

In it, Obama takes on playing one of the most respected actors in the world, who in turn is playing Obama. Making fun of his own ears and how strange it is that he never seems to be mad, Obama plays a blinder.

Why it’s only yesterday that we were looking back at the roles Day-Lewis really committed to, (you can read that here), so we think this one could really work. Make it happen Spielberg, make it happen.