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25th Feb 2019

Rob Lipsett just slammed this Irish University for being ‘mediocre’ and wow, RUDE

Rebecca O'Keeffe

rob lipsett


Do you ever just hear someone say something, and immediately face palm?

Well, that happened to us this afternoon while watching a video on instagram.

While scrolling through, we stumbled upon a video of Rob Lipsett on the page @TheWeekdy.

Captioned: “*BREAKING: DIT Degrees no longer recognised after comments from local millionaire*”

The clip is from an episode of The Mind Muscle, a popular fitness podcast in Australia.

Rob was being interviewed for an episode, talking about his career as a fitness blogger.

ANYWAY, in the clip, Rob is clearly giving some background about himself.

However, he ultimately ended up offended a lot of people (ourselves included.)

“I got into some mediocre university in Ireland called Dublin Institute of Technology, and I studied business management.”


First concern here: there’s absolutely nothing mediocre about pursuing third level education, no matter where you go.

Second issue: DIT is not mediocre at all. In fact, a number of extremely notable people have graduated from DIT (no, we’re not referring to Rob, trust us.)

rob lipsett

Domhnall Gleeson, Liam Cunningham, Brendan Behan, Catriona Balfe, Louise Kennedy? Yeah, they all went to DIT.

Nothing mediocre about any of them tbh.

And thirdly, the real question here is even if Rob thinks these things about his Alma Mater – WHAT ON EARTH posSessed him to say such things on a podcast?

Did he think nobody was listening? Or is he just unbothered by people thinking he’s rude? Who knows.

Anyway, he certainly isn’t going to make any friends with this kind of carry on.

*It should be noted that Rob Lipsett dropped out of DIT, and did not graduate*


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