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31st Dec 2012

Ring In The New Year With A Twist: The Strangest Traditions From The World Over

Wear your red undies, break a few dishes and burn a few photos from the year gone by... this could be the best New Year ever!

Still not sure what you’ll be doing tonight to ring in the New Year?

Why not take some inspiration from the world round and try out one or two of these strange traditions? It could bring love, luck… or a possible Lotto win!

1. Make like the Germans and take part in some “Lead pouring”. It’s an old tradition which include using molten lead like tea leaves. The lead pieces are poured into a bowl full of water. The lead forms some shape in it and predicts what’s going to happen in next year. For example, the ball means luck all over the year, an anchor means eventual need of help, while the cross means death.

2. Want to forget about all that came with the old year? Experience a little bit of Ecuador and burn a few pictures. The locals gather together with pictures that represent something from the last year and burn it.

3. Nothing beats a nice new pair of undies! And the Mexicans know all about this… The Central Americans try to secure their happiness in the New Year wearing colourful underwear on the New Year’s Eve. Those who want to find love have to wear red underwear and those looking for some luck wear yellow.

4. Unlike the Mexicans who seek love and luck, those in the Philippines are looking for money. They dress in clothes with circular patterns. Could look a little funny, but it’d be worth it when you win the Lotto…

5. Turkish people believe that taking part in community service and organising fund raising events will bring them happiness. Do it like the Turks and give some money raised on New Year’s Eve to charity.

6. Wrap yourself up in your woollies and experience a little bit of Chile. They all go to the graveyard, set up their chairs and wait for the New Year with the deceased.

7. How about some dish-bashing? People in Denmark keep their old dishes throughout the whole year. Why? They throw them on their friends’ doors on New Year’s Eve. Opening your door to a pile of broken dishes means you have a lot of friends… although that could take some convincing in Ireland.

8. People in Puerto Rico literally wash away the old year when they await for the new one. On the New Year’s Eve they throw buckets of water out of their windows to clean out the old year.