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28th Mar 2013

Revenue Makes Massive Blunder And Bills Teens For Property Tax

We'd love to know what their part-time jobs are paying...

There’s nothing worse than opening a scary looking brown or white envelope that is obviously a bill of some sort, but imagine opening a scary brown or white envelope to find a massive tax bill inside… when you’re only 15 and work a part-time job?

Revenue Commissioners have been sending demands for payment of the new property tax to over 1.9 million homeowners in the last week, but have unwittingly sent the demands for payment to the wrong people, teenagers and tenants included. 

The Irish Independent revealed last week that a 15-year-old girl living in Dublin had received a bill demanding payment and now, two more teenagers have come forward to say they received similar letters from Revenue.

Minister for Finance Michael Noonan is behind the controversial new tax

Revenue have repeatedly stated that some individuals would receive a bill in error, as they were sourcing homeowners identities through a number of different sources. There is no official property registry in Ireland. 

And it’s not just teens who are being targeted – one staffer who’s name isn’t even on the lease of the apartment she lives in, received the hefty tax bill last week. 

The even better news is that the onus is on the person who received the tax bill, in error, to rectify the problem! 

Are they getting names from ASOS or something?