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13th Dec 2013

Revealed: The No.1 Source of Arguments on Christmas Day

Guaranteed to drive you mental...

Six out of ten adults will fall out with members of their family this Christmas – with empty wrappers being stuffed back into the chocolate tin among the most common triggers, a study has found. Research carried out among 1,000 adults also found not mucking in with the after dinner clean-up to be a major bone of contention amongst families, with wasting food another issue.

The study also found that drinking too much too early on in the day and leaving a mess after helping out with the cooking are also guaranteed to lead to frayed tempers.

And nearly half (43%) of the women who took part in the poll admitted they would get along better with their partners and families if they helped to tidy up more on the big day.

The study also found that remarkably, one in ten adults will lose at least the equivalent of one entire day of the Christmas period tidying up after their visitors have left.


1. Putting empty chocolate wrappers back in the tin
2. Wasting food
3. Doing nothing to help
4. Buying so much food there is nowhere to store it
5. Not taking the bins out
6. Making a mess when cooking Christmas dinner
7. Being disorganised
8. Drinking too early in the day
9. Being over-competitive at board games
10. Getting stressed in a small kitchen
11. Complaining they’re full – then immediately eating more
12. Making everyone wear the paper hats out of crackers

Lets just remind ourselves of this, shall we…