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01st Oct 2018

Researchers say this is the day that people are most likely to cheat on

And it's in the next few days...

It’s aptly named ‘Unfaithful Day’.

It’s something we all fear, and no doubt it has happened to many of us throughout the years.

Unfortunately, many people still cheat, but at least now there’s a few statistics on it (not that they will make you feel much better).

Researchers claim that there’s an exact day that people are most likely to cheat on.

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Illicit Encounters conducted a survey and found that November 18 is the most unfaithful day of the year.

According to the findings, a massive 72 percent said that they cheated on that day, which is higher than any other day of the year.

As well as that, The Journal of Sex Research, notes that the 7-year itch is a real thing.

They found that women are most likely to cheat between the years 6-10, while males go a bit longer with 11 years.