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05th Jan 2017

Research says this is how long sex should last for a woman to get maximum pleasure

The age-old question answered.

Finally an answer that actually makes sense.

It’s common knowledge that it takes men considerably less time to climax in comparison to women.

While we’ve heard plenty about how long sex should last, particularly ‘great sex’, new research focuses on how much time women need to properly enjoy sex.

Sex that lasts between seven and thirteen minutes was viewed as a ‘desirable’ length of time in a survey conducted by the University of Queensland but the latest expert advice goes one step further.

Getting caught up in ‘how’ long good sex should last isn’t the best course of action.

It’s a lot better, and much more enjoyable, to forget about how long it *should* last and just go with the flow instead.

For women, reaching climax often requires a certain amount of foreplay, before sex. It shouldn’t have to be one or the other and in most cases, foreplay significantly increases your chances of orgasm.

Simply put, prioritising foreplay means better sex for women and this is backed up by professional sex therapist, Ian Kerner Ph.D.

Kerner, the author of She Comes First: The Thinking Man’s Guide to Pleasuring a Woman, (so obviously he’s well educated on the subject), spoke to SELF about the importance of foreplay.

The sex, marriage, and family therapist discussed foreplay, describing it as ‘outercourse’:

“I always encourage couples to engage in as much outercourse as possible before intercourse.

“The more outercourse you engage in, hopefully, the higher your level of arousal and the closer you get to orgasm before you move on to the main event, whatever your main event may be”.

Kerner also said that it’s key, (and I know you’ve heard this a million times before but it is important) to relax as much as you possibly can.

Worrying about how long foreplay is taking, and whether your partner is bored/annoyed/p*ssed off/ will only “delay orgasm and inhibit pleasure”.

As Kerner advises:

“Sex is more than just intercourse, and the time you allot to it should include the time to generate arousal both mentally and physically.