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08th Jul 2013

Remember These? The Best Old School TV Shows & Cartoons From Your Childhood

This will make you feel really old...

The years are flying by… We are all getting on a bit. We miss that time in our lives where the only thing worried us was whether or not we would get our homework done in time to watch Neighbours and The Simpsons.

Some shows managed to withstand the test of time, and the generation of kids below us are all still enjoying them as much as we did. Sadly though, some of our favourites were cut… How could they do it? Think of the children!

So let us all take a trip down memory lane… Here are a few old school television programmes and cartoons that will make you make feel both nostalgic and really, really old. We hope you remember and miss them as much as we do!



If you didn’t watch this as a youngster, you had a deprived childhood. 



Samantha Stephens was an inspiration to us all…



Tommy, Chuckie, Dil, Angelica, Phil & Lil…


Saved By The Bell





The cartoon that inspired those lovely mini Cadbury’s bars. 


Clarissa Explains It All 

Clarissa, we hope you can explain those yellow socks!


Sabrina The Teenage Witch

A slightly older, better dressed Melissa Joan Hart.


Hey Arnold 

Our favourite football head…



R.L.Stine scared the beejaysus out of us.


Kenan & Kel

Who loves orange soda?



We all wanted to go through that magic door… Did we ever decide if Bosco was a he or a she?


California Dreams

Surf dudes with attitudes, Kinda groovy laid back mood. Sky above, sand below, good vibrations
feelin’ mellow… You know the rest!



Presenter Pat Sharpe was an absolute Gentleman.



A lot of his journal was occupied with his love for Patti Mayonaise… A hopeless romantic was our Doug.


Rosie & Jim 

Documenting the lovers adventures on the narrowboat, aptly titled the Ragdoll, Rosie & Jim would come to life when Duck gave the signal. Quack.


 I Dream of Jeanie…

We all wanted to be her…


Sister Sister


 Go home Roger… 




The Irish speaking snowman…


Are You Afraid Of The Dark?

Yes, yes we were/still are. Here is a clip from the show featuring a baby faced Ryan Gosling. Awwww.