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10th Jul 2015

Reeling In The Years: This Video From The Glory Days of Mosney Is Absolutely Amazing

Anyone else dream of being a Red Coat?


Anyone else dream of being a Red Coat?

Ah the glorious days of summer, when the sun seemed to shine endlessly, the summer holidays were never-ending and the ice-cream van was the highlight of your day.

Rose-tinted glasses or not, the best part of it all though had to be heading off to Mosney for a few days of pure family fun.

red coats

Whether you were there with the Community Games or with your nearest and dearest, there’s no denying that Mosney had something for everyone at all hours of the day.

Now, a video recently posted on the Mosney Facebook page has taken us all on a trip down memory lane, with tears of nostalgia in our eyes.

So 15 years after it closed its doors, sit back and reminisce on the Land of Make Believe.

The Land of Make Believe,Mosney Holiday Centre, Ireland's Favorite Holiday Destination! Amazing Times!Please Share Happy Campers!!

Posted by Mosney on Wednesday, June 10, 2015

We love you Mosney!