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12th Feb 2015

Ready for Road! Mick Kearns, 94, Drives Himself into the Record Books

The Irish man is believed to have broken a world record.


This dapper gentleman just drove himself into Irish record books… and quite possibly record books worldwide. 

Ninety-four-year old Michael Kearns picked up his 151 SEAT Mii from midlands dealers Colton Motors recently, making him the oldest SEAT customer in the country.

A retired postman, Michael Kearns purchased his first car a Morris 1,000 in 1962 from Albert Roberts a local car dealership in Tullamore, Co. Offaly. Mr. Kearns has in total bought 4 cars from Colton Motors having also driven several company cars during his working life or ‘bosses cars’ as he put it.

Collecting his all new SEAT Mii, Michael Kearns commented; “Being awarded the title of the oldest SEAT customer in Ireland is something never saw coming. Overall I am just delighted with my new car, the SEAT Mii and want to thank all the team at Colton Motors for all the help they have afforded me over the years. There a number of reasons I chose the SEAT Mii one of which is the fact that it has 5 doors. This is very important as a couple of my neighbours rely on me for lifts to mass every weekend and the 5 door is very convenient for this.”

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Keith Colton, dealer principle at Colton Motors commented; “Here at Colton Motors, we are absolutely thrilled to have Mr. Kearns as one of our most loyal customers. He is a real example to others and his level of independence is very admirable. Our relationship with Mr. Kearns is one of the many examples of the good relationships we have enjoy with our customers. We wish Mr. Kearns all the best with his new car and of course we are here if he requires any further assistance.”

Niall Phillips, Director at SEAT Ireland said, “Mr. Kearns story is truly remarkable and we would like to take this opportunity to pay tribute to him. Purchasing a new car at the age of 94 is such an uplifting story and we really hope Mr. Kearns enjoys his SEAT mii which is a very popular and successful model for us. The relationship between Colton Motors is testament to both dealer and customer and is symptomatic of the relationships our SEAT dealers are building with their customers up and down the country.”