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13th Jan 2013

Raw, Ripper Street and Ryan Phillipee: The Best of Tonight’s TV

Why not enjoy the last few hours of the weekend with your feet up and a good show?

The Monday blues are just around the corner but that doesn’t mean you have to mope about for the rest of the evening. Treat yourself with a few small treats and some great television…

The Voice of Ireland – RTÉ One (6.30pm)

Bressie and co continue to look for the next big Irish music star. Hosted by Kathryn Thomas and Eoghan McDermott.


Ripper Street – BBC One (9.00pm)

Tonight H Division and the City of London have to work together when there is an outbreak of cholera and they suspect deliberate contamination. Matthew Macfayden and Jerome Flynn star.


Unknown – Channel 4 (9.00pm)

It’s not as good as Taken but it’s along the same sort of lines in terms of it’s an action flick and it stars Liam Neeson. This time he plays a doctor who ends up in a coma and wakes up to find another man pretending to be him.


Raw – RTÉ One (9.30pm)

This week Kate and Shane plan to open up a pop-up bar while Anthony tries to convince Jojo to come with him after he is offered a great job.


Cruel Intentions – TV3 (10.00pm)

Reese Witherspoon, Ryan Phillipee and Sarah Michelle Gellar star in this drama about a twisted teen who dares her also twisted brother to seduce the new girl in their school but neither predicts what actually unfolds.