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16th Apr 2013

Quitting Time: 5 People Who Left Their Job With An Epic Goodbye

From handing in their notice on a baked goods to hiring a brass band to play at their resignation, these people did what we all dream of doing one day. Legends.


Here is a universal life fact: at some point in time you will have a job that you don’t like. Whether it’s your first job out of college or a boring-but-necessary stepping stone to get to where you want to be, you will have a job at some point that drains your life of joy and makes you hate everything.

The good news is that you’re not alone. Millions of people around the world are stuck in jobs that they hate right now. While you may manage to stifle any urges you have to run up to your boss and scream “I QUIT!” there are a few brave people out there who just couldn’t resist.

If you enjoyed our story about Mr. Cake earlier today, you’ll love this. Check out the following people who were so sick of their nine-to-five that they decided to quit in the most spectacular fashion they could think of. Legends.


The Man Who Quit With Super Mario:

This custom Super Mario game became a serious online hit

A designer who worked at 2K Games made headlines around the world when he handed in his notice with a custom Super Mario videogame that you can actually play online (click here and check it out, it’s awesome). The game features the Super Mario theme song and every time you grab a flag or a mushroom the words: ‘I QUIT!’ flash onto the screen. Amazing.

The Man Who Quit With A Brass Band:

Meet Joey L DeFranceso, a frustrated hotel employee who was so fed up of being “treated like s**t” that he decided to leave his job with a bang. Joey enlisted the help of a brass band to sing him out like a star after he handed in his resignation letter. We probably don’t even need to tell you that Joey’s video became an instant viral hit.

The Man Who Quit With Harry Potter:

The unnamed employee revealed dozens of spoilers from the final Harry Potter novel

One employee at a Borders bookstore was so fed up with his job that he decided to quit in epic fashion (by ruining the lives of Harry Potter fans across the world). This incident occurred just before the final Harry Potter novel was released. The unnamed man brought a video camera into the stock room and filmed himself reading page after page of the book, revealing the much-anticipated plot. He then posted it online. Spoilers were everywhere and we imagine that Harry Potter fans will always hold a grudge against him.

The Man Who Quit With Drama:

The man in this video is called Doug Walker and he decided that he wanted everyone to remember him when he quit his job. We don’t know what Doug did for a living, but after this epic goodbye, we hope he’s doing something that he loves right now. We love the way the music switches to Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody halfway through. It’s super-fitting for the situation, don’t you think?

The Woman Who Quit With Song:

Karen Chang was so fed up of her job at Microsoft that she decided to take to YouTube and sing an epic song about how she was quitting her job. Set to the tune of Don McLean’s American Pie, we have to say we admire the way Karen managed to work quips about using Excel into her little ditty. She’s a talented one!