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09th Feb 2013

Put A Sock In It: Gobby Celebs Told To Keep Quiet At The IFTAs

Celebs will only have 30 seconds to thank their nearest and dearest before they're whisked off stage.

Celebs, they can be a gobby bunch – especially when they’ve just been handed an award (Anne Hathaway, we’re looking at you!). However, there’ll be none of that lark happening at the Irish and Film Television Awards tonight because IFTA bosses have reportedly told celebs to put a sock in it.

The Irish Daily Mirror reports that the stars at tonight’s ceremony will only be given 30 seconds to thank their nearest and dearest before they’re whisked off stage. The ’30 seconds or less’ rule was put into place to stop RTE coverage from running over.

Oh, and IFTA bosses also don’t want the losing celebrities in the audience to get agitated during the ceremony.

“The IFTAs are hugely lengthy without a doubt, and three hours is a long time for anyone to sit through,” said a source.

“So all celebrities have been given a warning they can’t jabber on for as long as they like – it’s just not fair on everyone else. All they have is 30 seconds, nothing more. Even if Colin Farrell ended up coming along and winning, 30 seconds would be what he gets too,” the source added.

Sadly Colin Farrell and Michael Fassbender won’t be stalling it by the awards tonight, but other major Irish stars will be taking up residence in Dublin’s Convention Centre for the night.

The IFTAs will be on RTE from 9.30pm tonight – will you be watching?

The celebrities who do attend the awards (which have been dubbed ‘Ireland’s Oscars’) will also take home a special goodie bag, stuffed to the brim with treats from MAC, Jo Malone and Ralph Lauren.

“IFTA bosses want to make sure that all the nominees who come along don’t go home empty-handed, even if they don’t win their award,” said the source.

“Everyone always wants a goodie bag,” the source added.

We’re assuming that our invite just got lost in the post…