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11th Jan 2013

Publicity Stunt or Coffee Addict? Woman Vows to Only Consume Food From Starbucks For a Year

Yes, an entire year of eating Starbucks muffins and drinking Starbucks coffee. Could you do it?

Is there any food that you’d happily eat every single day for the rest of the year? We’re asking because a woman in America is planning on consuming food and drink only from Starbucks for the rest of 2013.

Why is she doing this? Well, the woman, who goes by the name of ‘Beautiful Existence’ (yes, that’s her legal name believe it or not) says that the coffee company pays good benefits for part-time workers, so that’s where all her money is going. Fair enough.

The Seattle resident has revealed to local media just how she’s approaching the challenge.

“I’ve been going in and getting their nutrition by the cup charts for all their serving sizes,” she said.

“I’m already getting a feel for what to eat,” Ms Beautiful Existence added.

Which food do you think you could genuinely eat every day for a year?

The good news for Ms Existence is that Starbucks bought out tea company Tazo Tea and juice business Evolution Fresh last year, which means that she can also buy food and drink from these businesses (because technically they’re still part of the Starbucks franchise).

“You go to all these other countries and they don’t have these luxuries. Really? Is it really going to be that hard for one year of my life to limit my menu? We’ll find out,” said Ms Existence.

It might not be hard to limit her menu, but will it be super expensive? According to the receipts that she’s been keeping, Existence has been spending an average of $18.79 (that’s around €14) a day on Starbucks food and drink.

What do you think? Could you do it?