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22nd Aug 2016

Postman writes a letter to a family dog because she loves getting mail

Contender for worlds best postman


This is the best thing ever!

We love anything dog related here at Her headquarters. I mean, what’s not to love about dogs? They’re loyal and playful, and looking into their eyes has been scientifically proven to boost a happiness hormone in our brain.

Many people actively prefer the love of a dog over that of a human, and we’re beginning to see why. Not a day goes by without us seeing a heart- warming story that revolves around a cute canine and today is no different.

Today’s story is about Pippa the Golden retriever who takes her job as family mail deliverer very seriously. Every day, Brisbane mail man Martin Studer is greeted by Pippa and he pops the mail into her mouth before watching her disappear, dutifully completing her daily task.

Pippa 2

(image courtesy of Facebook)

However some days there is just no mail. On one particular slow mail day, Martin couldn’t bare to let Pippa down so he took matters into his own hands and wrote her a letter, all for herself! Martin took to Facebook to share his good deed in a post which reads,

“Sometimes, Pippa comes out for the daily delivery but there’s no mail for her to collect. So I have to improvise.”

(image courtesy of Facebook)

His post has warmed the hearts of many, and has since gone viral, amassing a total of over 8 thousand likes and counting.

Pippa 1
(image courtesy of Facebook)

How happy does Pippa look? People from all around the world have since praised this amazing mailman for his efforts to make this pooch grin from ear to ear.