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05th Nov 2012

Postman Predicts Cold Temperatures and Snow

He got it right three years ago and now Michael Gallagher is saying that the birds and the berries are pointing towards a very cool Christmas indeed...

If you’re dreaming of a white Christmas, you could be in for a treat as Ireland’s most famous postman is predicting snowfall before December 25th.

Michael Gallagher, who bases his weather foresights on plants and animals, has said that there are already signs that snow is on its way.

He told The Irish Sun: “I have never seen as many berries on the trees in the mountains and the birds are singing loudly in recent days.

“The abundance of berries is a sure sign that temperatures are going to plunge this winter,” he explained.

While the experts are yet to agree on the forecast, Michael did correctly predict a white Christmas three years ago.

Snow caused chaos around the country two years ago.

But as lovely as the snow might look, it did cause the country to come to standstill back in 2010 with travel services being interrupted and schools having to close.

With the unpredictable we’ve had so far this year, including sunshine in March and rain all summer, it’s hard to know how this winter will play out. Won’t be long until we find out though!