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13th Mar 2013

Popular Comedy Series Is Headed for the Big Screen

It looks like this show is following in the footsteps of The Inbetweeners...

It is due to return to the small screen for its third series later this year but now it appears that Fresh Meat could also be headed for the big screen.

A film version of the popular Channel 4 show, which stars Jack Whitehall and Joe Thomas, is said to be in the pipeline.


Comedian Jack Whitehall is one of the leads in the university-based comedy.

Co-creator Sam Bain revealed the news at an industry event earlier this week according to reports. He revealed: “I’ve done a lot of TV and I really love it but it’s good to have different challenges.

“We have been having chats about a Fresh Meat film and we’re working on a couple of ideas. The Inbetweeners and In the Loop are good examples of characters going on holiday, so that is one option we’re looking at,” he added.


The Inbetweeners is one example of a good television-to-film conversion.

Bain admitted however that taking a television programme and turning it into a movie does have its risks: “We don’t want it to feel like they’ve stopped being the characters from Fresh Meat, so it’s a difficult balance to get right.”

All we can say is that if it turns out to be half as funny as the big screen version of The Inbetweeners, then it’s fine by us!