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13th Jul 2015

Police Forced To Search Festival Campsite After Friends Lock Man In His Tent Bag

The man tweeted looking for help to escape.

A man who was locked into his tent bag at T in the Park was forced to tweet for his freedom when he couldn’t escape.

The festival, which was held at a new site of Strathallan Castle in Pertshire, was forced to call in police assistance after rain and bad weather meant minibuses, traffic and festival goers were stuck in the mud causing travel chaos.

But one man who couldn’t help but sit and wait was Scott Johnson, who was trapped in his tent back in one of the camping fields.

Responding to a traffic update issued by the official festival account, Scott Johnson replied:

Police were quick to step in, asking Scott to send more information:

Fortunately, it seems Scott’s friends had a change of heart – finally freeing him from the tent:

We think that’s the first time someone’s been happy to see rain at a festival, but good to know he’s not still waiting in a field for freedom…