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12th Apr 2013

Planning Your Holiday for this Summer? You Might Want to Avoid this Spot…

Fair warning... this one left our skin crawling.

Normally we’d jump at the chance to head to any corner of the Canary Islands no matter what time of year and whatever conditions were attached.

However, we’ll be actively avoiding any trip that brings us closer to THIS in the coming months.

Spanish authorities have cordoned off an abandoned house in San Sebastián de la Gomera, the main port and capital of the island of La Gomera, after finding a wasp nest that measured a whopping 22 FOOT!

According to Think Spain, officers were called out to the house by worried neighbours. They said the nest was located in an indoor hallway of the empty home and “contained literally millions of wasps”. 

Experts have examined the find, and say the common wasp would never normally build a nest of this size, so the nest may belong to an invasive species of wasp which migrated from Africa.

Adding that to the monster spider found recently in Sri Lanka and the raining spiders in Brazil, those of us in towers not overly fond of creepy-crawlies are quickly marking destinations off of our “To Visit’ list…