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01st Jul 2014

PICTURE: The Irish Homemade Pool Competition for 2014 Begins Here…

And the alternative pool pictures have begun...


They say necessity is the mother of invention, and the best place to see such invention in action is often an Irish farm. 

One of the most memorable elements of the glorious Irish summer of 2013 was the sheer volume of ingenious ways to cool off, with a new ‘pool’ created every day across the country, in everything from a silage pit to a wheelie bin.

The 2o14 call of honours begins today, with a very relaxed looking Podge Cronin who’s rocking the straw hat and bottled beer combo with some style.

Lets just hope that electric fence is turned off. Otherwise Health and Safety would NOT approve.

Feel free to drop us a line with your best efforts – you’ll find us on [email protected].