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25th Feb 2015

PICTURE: Take A Bow… Westmeath Hotel Respond To Expensive Pint Of MiWadi In Epic Fashion

#MiWadiGate Is OVER


Well played, Bloomfield House Hotel. Very well played… 

Yesterday, it was brought to our attention that the most expensive pint of MiWadi was discovered in Westmeath by Enda Boland.

Boland, who wasn’t indulging in beverages of the alcoholic kind, ordered a pint of MiWadi the bar in Mullingar’s Bloomfield House Hotel and was shocked when he received the bill.

A pint of water with a dash of MiWadi cost him €2.40.


In a stroke of PR genius, Bloomfield House Hotel has replied to the disgruntled customer in spectacular fashion…


The hotel got in contact via Twitter to say that a goodie bag is waiting for Boland at reception and the MiWadi prices have been lowered.

Pints of cordial will be also be offered to anyone who quotes ‘Boland’ at the bar until the Enda March. We see what you did there, Bloomfield House Hotel.

Two cordial puns in one sentence…

Bloomfield House Hotel needs to give the person responsible for this a raise.

On behalf of everyone that frequents the establishment, thank you Enda Boland. You’re a hero.